Volunteers Service

Volunteers help us keep the doors open. Volunteer projects at the Merced County Food Bank run five days a week. Hundreds of volunteers provide thousands of hours of service annually. Our volunteers are a reflection of Merced County’s diverse community: individuals ranging in age from students to seniors, and groups that include corporations, schools, families, congregations, alumni associations and civic organizations. Volunteers help with nearly every aspect of the Food Bank’s work and provide the equivalent of dozens of full time employees for the Food Bank each year.

To volunteer contact us at:

Merced County Food Bank

2000 W. Olive Ave.
Merced, California

P.O. Box 1822
Winton, California

209 726-3663

(209) 385-1492


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Food Donors
The Merced County Food Bank establishes partnerships with growers, canneries, packers, retailers, wholesalers and other food banks to access to the food we need. We encourage donations of food that is healthy and safe to eat. Most of our many food donation partners are located in Merced County.

Merced County Food Bank • 2000 W. Olive Ave., Merced, CA 95348 • Mailing - P.O. Box 1822 Winton, CA 95388 • 209 726-3663 • foodbankm@hughes.net

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